A Little Wednesday Motivation…

I found this post on Instagram from an account that I follow, Business Rules for Women (@businessrulesforwomen) and I really liked it and thought I’d share it with you belles. Have a joyous Monday! #businessrulesforwomen A photo posted by Business Rules for Women (@businessrulesforwomen) on Sep 26, 2016 at 9:19am… View Post

Hit My Food Spot: Bartaco of 12 South

I had the opportunity to enjoy a snippet of my afternoon after work on the 29th of August at an awesome place in the 12 south District of Nashville at an awesome eatery named Bartaco. At first, I really thought it was just some regular cafe, but quickly realized upon… View Post

My Health Is In What??

For the past couple of weeks and nearly for a month now, I have been working out at least 3 to four times a week. If you left it up to me, I probably wouldn’t be working out that much, though because of my lovely boyfriend wanting to workout nearly… View Post

My Nightly Skin Care Routine

Every girl loves a good night time skin routine, especially me. I wanted to take the time to share my skin care routine with my favorite products, which include brands such as Murad, Korres, Fresh, and No. 7 found exclusively at Target. Watch the video below to find out what… View Post

Position YourSELF to WIN

This post I’m writing today comes up after a long conversation with a good friend of mine, who over the past couple of months, we have seemed to build a good rapport with each other and a strong sisterhood. Things that I love: when two women can come together and… View Post

What Are YOUR Goals?

July has flown by just like that. I mean literally, it was July 1st just last week, and now it’s August 1st on tomorrow. Super crazy, but exciting because 1) it’s almost Christmas, 2) Fall will be here soon, and 3) it’s a whole lot of challenges going on. Currently… View Post

I’m Definitely Feeling 22

Yesterday, I celebrated my 22nd birthday. I can’t believe that I’m even saying that! Being 21 felt like it was the longest ever, and I was enjoying it. But, with my celebration on yesterday, I actually felt like I brought in 22 the right way and I was happy about… View Post

Dear God…#MyBlackLifeCounts

In the wake of events that has happened this past week after the 4th of July, I am left completely in shambles. I haven’t spoke about it much with anyone, to anyone, and I dare not bring it up at work because well, you have to be professional. I don’t… View Post